Zanzibar encloses itself the perfect combination of heavenly place and ancestral search of the origins which
leads us to experience the exciting feeling called 'Mal d'Africa'.
The Ujamaa Beach Resort, in collaboration with local brokers, recommends you a wide range of 'travel in the journey' programmes in the name of a responsible and solidarity tourism, implemented in accordance with principles of social and economic justice, and respect towards environment and local culture .

In our selection we have deliberately omitted some classic excursions because they do not respect these basic principles of our association.

  • tour delle spezie - spice tour


You will be taken on a journey into the colors and tropical scents that make Unguja famous throughout the world as the spice Island per excellence.
The guided tour will let you discover uses, smells, colors and flavors of a variety of spices, fruits and herbs grown for centuries here by indigens.
You will discover the pleasure of smell and taste scents that will intoxicate your senses and soul.
Start: Ujamaa Beach Resort; you reach the spice garden in around 40 minutes taxi.

Duration: half day (fruit lunch included)


The Jozani forest, located about 35 km from Stone Town, is one of the few stretches of tropical forest remaining on Zanzibar and protects the only species of monkeys Red Colubus (Piliocolobus kirkii, also known as Kirk's Red Colobus).
A nice and well prepared guide will take you into the forest to the discovery of tropical trees and plants of all species. The tour will be concluded in a big lagoon where thousands of mangrove trees grow up.

duration: half a day

Safari in dhow

Sailing the Indian Ocean on board of a typical zanzibarine boat.

The local fishermen (ngalawa) will drive you till the magical coral reefs where you can swim in the middle of a multicolored aquarium of tropical fishes, starfishes and corals of all shapes.

You have also the opportunity of fishing with the captain of the boat.

duration: from three to six hours

Stone Town

Stone Town ( "city of stone" in English), also known as Mji Mkongwe ( "old town" in Swahili), is the old part of the capital of Zanzibar and is located on the west coast of Unguja, the main island of the archipelago.
Stone Town is characterized by a maze of streets full of houses, shops, bazaars and mosques.
You will be escorted on foot to discover this magnificent architectural jewel that includes Moorish, Arab, Persian, Indian and European (colonial).
UNESCO Heritage Site has many places of historical interest and folklore.
Don’t miss a visit to the colorful fruit market and a relaxing break at the Forodhani gardens.
duration: full day

Nakupenda-Prison Island

The excursion starts from the Stone Town harbour.
The island is about 6 km far away; there you may visit ruins of the ancient prisons of slaves. You have also the opportunity to see and to touch the centenary Aldabra tortoises, donated by the British governor of the Seychelles to the Sultan of Zanzibar.
After visiting the island you will be transferred on a nearby sandbeach surrounded by crystal clear waters, where you can swim, snorkel and taste a delicious lunch enjoying the ocean view.
duration: full day

Paradise Island

A fantastic and paradisiac adventure in the middle of the Indian Ocean starting from the characteristic fishing village of Kizimkazi (island's first human settlement).
At about half an hour from Makunduchi you'll board a small boat driven by local sailors who will accompany you on the ‘neverland island’, dazzling white sandy atoll in the middle of the sea where you will have the chance to swim in crystal clear waters and relax.
Along the way you will stop on the reef for a swim among tropical fishes.
You will enjoy a lunch based on lobster, freshly caught fishes and fruits.

duration: full day


Mnemba is an amazing destination, thanks to the calm of its surroundings and the magnificent view of its coral reef which is the home of clownfishes, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, green turtles (from November to March you can witness the laying and hatching of eggs), white tip reef sharks Napoleon fishes, surgeon fishes, lionfishes, many reef fishes and colourful corals.
Ideal for snorkellers and divers. After a 45 minute transfer by boat you will plunge into the crystal clear waters to enjoy the wildlife wonder.
duration: full day


Accompanied by a local guide you will experience the Swahili culture (actually born in the settlement area of Makunduchi) rising to the top of everyday village life. You will be escorted from house to house to admire the women crafts, the typical men at work and children's games.
You will meet the village chief and the 'traditional doctor' who will tell you the customs, practices and beliefs. You will taste traditional dishes accompanied by the stories of the elderly.
duration: three/four hours

  • Zanzibar Makunduchi

scuba diving

If you are looking to dive in undiscovered waters, you have come to the right place.
Menai Bay is not among the mainstream diving locations in the world. It is located on the South Western tip of the Island of Unguja, Zanzibar. This is a large area of volcanic islands, sand banks and coral reefs. In the shallow seas sorrounding these islands, there is a large variety of corals and some of the most beautiful tropical fishes. Seasonally Humpback Whales pass through the conservation area for about 3 months. Menai Bay is also the home of humback and Bottlenose Dolphins.

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