Nutrition is the foundation of the overall wellbeing of the person. This is the reason why we have developed a cuisine coherent to the value of sustainability, vital, tasty, light.
A simple and genuine menu that enhances the most authentic flavors of the territory: dietary of the season, herbs and fruits of our tropical garden and fresh fish, caught every morning by our staff.

"...A brilliant chef And delicious patiserrie which were always a memorable surprise."

Belvanto, Italy - from TripAdvisor


Every palate is satisfied: from traditional African dishes such as the Urojo, typical Zanzibar fish soup, to international dishes such as grilled fish, from pizza to burghers, from salads to snacks.
To you the choice, every morning, of the menu tailored to your preferences and taste. Would you prefer the catch of the day or a vegetarian dish? Our chef is at your disposal.


Our restaurant, with its splendid view of the pool and the ocean, recreates in its dishes the authenticity and simplicity of the local tradition, weaving Zanzibar flavors and scents to contemporary creativity and international taste.
The flavors and aromas of our cuisine will remain impressed in your mind, such as the intense taste of homemade jams with mango, passion fruit and pineapple or the unmistakable ice-cream with Zanzibar vanilla.
And what about the exclusive and unique mango and mangrove honeys that we buy from the local beekeepers association? Indigenous delicacies, just for you.


By the pool or at the beach, sipping your favourite drink, energizing smoothie or a quick snack, our bar will satisfy your wishes throughout the day.


Cassava Cupcakes and Coconut

210 Gr. of boiled cassava, then mashed
150 gr. of flour
100 Gr. of coconut flour
100 Gr. of sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
125 Gr. of butter
220 Gr. Coconut milk

Whisk the eggs with the sugar, add the melted butter and continue to work, then incorporate the coconut milk. Add the cassava purée and whisk with whips until it is fully incorporated. In a bowl combine the flour with the coconut flour and the yeast and incorporate slowly into the cassava-based compound. Pour into muffin molds until 2/3 and cook for 25 min. Ca. to 160 °c.